Manuscript Connections

Begun in 2016, the Manuscript Connections Project explores how computational methods can bring new perspectives to the study of medieval manuscripts.

Project Team

The Manuscript Connections core team consists of specialists in Medieval European Manuscripts, Digital Art History, and Computer Science.

Maeve K. Doyle ↗

Associate Professor, Art and Art History, Eastern Connecticut State University

Maeve Doyle brings a deep expertise in medieval French manuscripts to the project. Her research and publications on medieval iconography ensure that the team stays grounded in core art-historical questions.

Carolyn Anderson ↗

Assistant Professor, Computer Science, Wellesley College

Carolyn Anderson brings natural language processing and machine learning expertise to the project. Her background in computer science and digital humanities allows her to speak across domains.

Alexander Brey ↗

Assistant Professor, Art History, Wellesley College

Alexander Brey brings a more general perspective on digital art history to the project. His publications have emphasized the salience of quantitative and computational methods for answering art historical questions, and survey the state of digital art history as a field.

Project Alumnae

Other project contributors have included undergraduate students at both Wellesley College and Eastern Connecticut State University.

  • Jessica Daniel, Eastern Connecticut State University, class of 2019
  • Angel Ding, Wellesley College, class of 2023